New! Real E-Commerce for Car Shops!

Can you do a tuneup through a computer terminal? Not yet, but we offer the next best thing! Our Netprofit e-commerce program has been designed just for car shops to offer compelling content and a buck or two for you! It works great with existing car shop Web sites. It also works great if you want or need a Web site. Here are a few reasons to consider the Netprofit program today:

  • Drive Customers To Your Web Site With Truly Beneficial Services.
  • Offer More Products and Services To Your "Motoring Community."
  • Generate Cash Through Commissions.
  • Featuring Superior Products From Top Companies.

    To learn more about this one-of-kind program just click through the Netprofit menu above.

    Our original product, Cartrak's ASA Member Benefit Gold Wrench Service program was designed specifically for car shops and has proven to be an affordable and effective Internet presence. Other services have come and gone and we're still "tooling" along! Here's what you get:

    • A Professionally Designed Web Site
    • E-Blast Instant E-Mail Messaging to Your Customers
    • E-Mail Service Reminders
    • Online Appointment Scheduling
    • E-Mail Greeting Cards
    • Compelling content that is relevant to your customers needs.
    • Custom Online Coupons
    • Refer a Friend Marketing
    • E-Mail Address Management Software
    • And much, much, more (we're working on this stuff all of the time!)

    Visit a real client site now Peak Performance Automotive then give us a call - we'd love to talk to you.


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