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Automotive Online Services

Manufacturers, dealerships and national franchises are utilizing the Internet and permission marketing concepts to generate new business and forge stronger relationships with their customers. Their strategies range form online customer service databases to coupons and e-mail service reminders. Visit these sites to see what they are offering:

Ford - Service reminders, special offers, maintenance information

GM - Service reminders, motoring tips, diagnostics. Be sure and select the "Drivers Log"
menu choice to examine their permission marketing strategy.

Autobytel - One of the original online vehicle brokering services for dealers to the public
Autobytel now offers service reminders, diagnostics, repair estimates, advertising and coupons (Jiffy Lube), service warranties, parts, recall information in addition to automobile buying and selling services. Select the "Your Garage" menu choice.

Carpoint - Microsoft's automotive site. Service reminders, estimating and numerous other automotive services. Advertising for national franchises such as Jiffylube and Firestone. Select the "All about MY car" menu choice.

Eversave - E-commerce site offering products and services. Online coupons and directory
for some automotive franchises. Select the "Automotive" menu choice.

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