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Automotive Software

CARtimes- Software link list
All software is available from Jumbo or Macdownload and the links here will take you to a complete description on either of those sites. All software is either a demo, a screensaver, shareware or freeware.

Below is a list of automotive shop management software and its company contact information.

ShopKey Company: Snap On
MotorTraxx Company: 6.0 Scott Systems (acquired CentrumPro)
Phone: 800-996-6777
Web site:
Cybershop Software in development by Seyfer in Colo
Autoshop for Windows Winworks Software Phone: 800-946-9675
Web site:
Automotive Diagnostics A division of SPX CORPORATION
Servicewriter CCI/Triad - Parts and labor built-in
Phone: 800-944-2455
Baymaster Phone: 800-922-2378
Since 1976
Invomax Phone: 800-468-6629
Web site:
Master Repair Phone: 800-433-0615
Web site:
Auto Shop Controller Phone: 800-682-4069
Web site:
Address: 67 Ramapo Valley Rd,
Mahwah, NJ 07430
WinTrax Phone: 800-454-9051
Web site:
Shop Controller 4.0 Company: Alliance Automotive Software Phone: 800-898-2038
Web site:
Senior Service Manager 4 Phone: 800-yes-gen4
Web site:
Series II Company: Mitchell Information Systems
Competitive Edge Company: Patrick Racing Team Technologies
Phone: 800-800-6224
Web site:
AutoTraker Phone: 516-424-6360
Web site:
Auto Repair Boss Phone: 800-473-5198
StockTrac Phone: 800-526-2026
Address: Janco Sales
P. O. Box 1238
Eagle River, WI 54521
Automotive Invoicing Management Software Company: Jeffs Gasoline Alley Inc
Phone: 800-437-9883
Web site:
Profit Pro
Autos2000 Phone: 888-79-AUTOS
Web site:

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