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Training & Certification

Automotive Management Institute Management classes in the following categories, Marketing and Sales, Operations and Service, Management and Administration, Financial, Personnel and Human Resource. Courses are for credit towards AAM Designation

Automotive Service Excellence Technician certification. Online registration now available.

· AutoGuide
"Training" link directory.

· CCARGreenlink
Environmental compliance training and education for the automotive industry.

· Council of Advanced Auto Trainers
An outgrowth of the National Train-The-Trainer program, CAAT has one specific goal: to provide quality training and education for automotive professionals.

· Independent Automotive Training Services (IATS)
Most services and training take place in the Seattle, Washington area, however will be expanding in the near future.

· Industry

Includes discounted ASE guides.

· Motor Magazine
Follow Online Source guide to "training directory".

· STS & Jendham
The mission of STS is to advance the skills, education and professionalism of service technicians. To accomplish this, STS is expanding its current educational programs to include JENDHAM Seminars.

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