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Tech Talk

Repair manuals

· Automotive Aftermarket World tech chat
Member participation or guest read-only.

· The Automotive Electricians Meeting Place
Their aim is to provide a forum for the exchange of information, both technical and general, of specific interest to Automotive Electricians and those involved with Automotive Electrical repairs. The site is a "Members Only" site.

Product information, recall and TSB information.

· Cool Profits Magazine
"The Web's meeting place for automotive radiator and air conditioning service technicians and shop owners."

· Motor Magazine
Follow the Online Source Guide to the Directory of Technical Hotlines.

· National Center for Vehicle Emissions Control and Safety
Vehicle emissions data sources.

Techs Talking page.

Repair manuals

· ADMS Network
Manuals, videos, publications, members-only forum.

· Motor Magazine
Click on Repair Manuals on the menu bar. They contain data essential to automotive technicians for the repair of domestic and imported cars and trucks. These manuals cover general information for basic systems, such as engines, brakes, steering, suspensions, and electronic systems, as well as specialized information on complex components, such as air bags, transmissions, wiring, air conditioners, and emission controls.

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