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You want some answers if you came to this page. We have presented a list of some answers to frequently asked questions about the Customer Retention System at the top of this page for your convenience. If you still have a questions or would like make a suggestion, we have provided an form at the bottom of this page along with our information. We generally respond to e-mail inquiries within 48 hours.

1. Each shop can have an unlimited number of customers receiving e-mail reminders.

2. Cartrak Online sends the reminders to car owners on your behalf. The name of your business appears on the top of all e-mails to your customers. We are here to build your brand, not ours.

3. E-mails are sent to each car owner at least 9 times a year - reminders for oil changes, scheduled service and yearly registration, as well as seasonal greetings.

4. Each car owner can register multiple vehicles.

5. To sign up for the e-minder service, car owners access your business's Web page. If your shop does not have a Web page, Cartrak Online provides one to you at no extra charge!

6. All customer e-mail addresses are confidential.

7. Cartrak Online processes each vehicle's information and sends reminders at appropriate times depending on make, model and yearly mileage.

8. All services are free to your customers.

9. The car owner is encouraged to print out a copy of the reminder. This provides them with a hard copy with a place to write in the date and time of the appointment once it has been scheduled. In addition, you will be able to track first hand the success of this service.

10. Each reminder will include the name of your shop, phone number, which vehicle needs service, what service is due, the estimated current mileage and may include an incentive to bring the vehicle into your shop.

11. Each shop is provided with informational and marketing materials to promote and explain the service to your customers - once a car owner is registered, Cartrak Online does the rest!

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