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Cartrak Online's E-mail Marketing Utility - EMU - is a free software program that gives you two valuable tools.

Tool #1 - E-mail Address Collection System

Many shops are not currently collecting the e-mail addresses of their customers. But the fact is that the Internet is here to stay and e-mail addresses are going to be an important piece of your customer database and an essential part of your business communications in the future. Bottom line - whether you plan on signing up for Cartrak Online's Customer Retention System or not, you need to start gathering those e-mail addresses!

When a business introduces a new step into their standard operating procedure (such as collecting e-mail addresses) there are often problems to overcome and adjustments to be made. For example, many of the shop management programs do not have a field to store e-mail addresses! The problem is, if there is no designated field to fill in:

  • How does your staff remember to ask all customers for their e-mail address?
  • Where will they record the addresses when they do get them?
  • How will they know if you have already been given a customer's e-mail address?
  • Where will you store the addresses to have easy access to them when you need them?

Catrak Online wants to make the e-mail address collection process as easy, consistent and effective as possible. Therefore, we are providing you with free software to help. This software is designed to be powerful enough to complete the task, but has been kept small and simple as to not adversely affect your computer system.

Tool #2 - Super Service Questions

In addition to helping you gather e-mail addresses, this software will help you provide "Super Service" to your customers. By prompting your staff to ask specific questions (in addition to requesting the customer's e-mail address), you will assure that your customers receive service that is complete, helpful and profitable. It can:

  • Assure that all contact information is up to date and accurate.
  • Identify any existing problem or scheduled service that can be handled today, saving the customer from an additional service visit in the near future.
  • Determine immediately if the customer will be using a coupon.

These questions will not only help your customer, but could also get additional service work for your shop. Although we provide suggestions of some standard questions, you are the one that determines what will be asked.

Cartrak Online feels that the Customer Retention System is a valuable and effective marketing tool that will help keep your best customers coming back. This free software program is just one example of the resources and effort we have put into making sure that the program will work for your shop.

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