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Cartrak Online's "Customer Retention System" was developed to support the vital business interests of the independent automotive service shops. As a shop owner, you face ever increasing competition from automobile manufactures, dealerships and national service franchises. These competitors are now aggressively targeting your customers through increasingly high-tech marketing techniques. To deal with these threats to your customer base, you must look for innovative ways to solidify and expand your market share.

The graphic below illustrates how Cartrak Online's Customer Retention System works. To learn more about each step of the process, click on the symbol that appears next to the text.


We provide you with three effective tools to help meet this challenge:

1. E-mail Service Reminders. By combining the proven concept of auto service reminders with the #1 use of the Internet, e-mail, Cartrak Online gives you the power to secure your relationship with your valued customers. E-mail reminders enable you to efficiently recruit their own best customers with a minimal investment of time and money while effectively positioning your shop first in your customer's mind for future repairs and service.
2. Appointment Scheduling. To ensure the customer brings the vehicle in for service, Cartrak Online makes the appointment process simple and flexible. Your customers have a choice of requesting an appointment online at the time they receive the reminder, or to call you and schedule by phone.
3. Customer Follow-up and Survey. Your customer receives a timely follow-up e-mail from your shop thanking them for their patronage and requesting feedback on their service experience. This gives you, the shop owner, valuable input into the customers experience, and serves as a re-reminder in the event that the car owner did not act on the first notice.

Each of these powerful Internet tools clearly fills a specific need in the customer care cycle. When used together as an integrated system, they ensure your long-term success by giving you an effective way to keep your customers coming back again and again.

Cartrak Online Delivers Bottom Line Benefits:

1) Designed With Your Shop in Mind

  • Our program builds your brand, not ours.
  • No online diagnosis, estimating or distracting advertising.
  • Levels the playing field with higher spending competition.

2) Establishes Your Internet Presence

  • You receive a unique Web address and Web page.
  • E-mail reminders are personalized with your shop's name.
  • Car owners can request appointments online, anytime.

3) Builds Customer Loyalty

  • A valuable service that you provide to your customers for free.
  • Excellent opportunity to reward your customers with incentives.
  • Increases top of mind awareness of your shop.

4) Easy and Affordable

  • All you do is gather e-mail addresses and follow-up on appointment requests.
  • Cartrak Online does the rest - Web site, online appointments, and e-mail reminders.
  • The service pays for itself - your investment is quickly returned in increased revenues.

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