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FREE Marketing Tools

The following innovative marketing tools are yours for FREE! John Peake, founder and President of Cartrak Online, has owned a successful shop in Salt Lake City, Utah for 20 years. He has either created or tested every one of the tools for their value and folks, they have proven themselves. Our bottom line reveals it! We encourage you to tailor these tools to your shop and try them out! Be sure to let us know if they were a success for you too.

E-mail Marketing Utility - EMU

This free software program makes the process of collecting and storing customer e-mail addresses easy to implement and manage - especially if your management software program does not have an e-mail address field. In addition, the "Super Service" feature assures that each customer receives the highest quality of service and that the shop maximizes each customer contact. Click here for more information and ordering.

30-second TV commercial

Within the first week of running this commercial for Peak Performance Automotive Services, we landed a $1,000 sale! Many of our repeat customers called to let us know they had seen us on the TV and many times, the callers scheduled an appointment. It's costly on the front end; but planning for those slow winter months with a TV commercial does bring in new and repeat business!

Peak Performance Commercial (1.5 Mb)
(requires free QuickTime plug-in)

Peak Bucks

John sent these coupons out one month before Christmas last year, 1999. At $10.00 a piece, they hardly cut into the profit margin of most sales. Not only did they say "Thank You!" without asking anything of anybody, but they also served as a gentle reminder that it might time for a visit to their trusted shop. Our regular customers called to say, "Thank You!…..By the way, I've been meaning to call you about my car. It's been making this funny sound when…" They were a huge success!

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