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It Sounds Good, But…

"I'll wait until more of my customers are using e-mail."
While it is true that not everyone is on the Internet today, the number who are might surprise you. And, those who are on the Internet are being offered similar services by companies that may represent your competition. The problem with waiting is that once a car owner has signed up for any e-mail reminder service, that will be the only one that they will need or want. So the earlier you start, the better your chance of being the service your existing customers choose. But don't take our word for it, check it out for yourself. Visit these sites to see what they are offering.

"I haven't even started collecting my customer's e-mail addresses."
You're not alone - most shops haven't! With this in mind, Cartrak Online will give you the first three months of the service free! That will give you time to start the collection process and give the program time to start working for you. Additionally, we have created a software program - our E-mail Marketing Utility (EMU) - to make the address collection process easy to implement and manage. Best of all, it's free to anyone from Cartrak Online. Click here to find out more about EMU and order your free copy!

"I'm not on the Internet and really don't know much about it."
Then this system was designed just for you. Now, you can be all over the Internet - a personalized Web page, sending e-mail service reminders to your customers, allowing your customers to make appointment requests online, an online customer follow-up and satisfaction survey. All without being on the Internet or knowing the ins-and-outs. And, best of all, you get it all at a fraction of the price it would take you to set up and implement it yourself.

"I am busy with the business I have now."
Great - keep it going. Remember, these are the same car owners that are being targeted by your competition - don't let them slip away. And, they are your best customers - you have an established relationship with them, they trust you.

"It's an added expense."
These are marketing tools, and like the tools you use to repair cars, they are not just an expense - they can actually generate revenue. The monthly cost of the service should be returned to you in two or three service visits. In time, the program will return the cost many times over.

One final thought. While we feel that there are many compelling reasons to sign up for Cartrak Online's Customer Retention System, we are not claiming that it is a magic bullet or that it will work miracles. But it is a set of tools to help you remain profitable and successful in the face of changing and increasing competitive pressures.

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