Website Ideas

One of the exciting and challenging aspects of this course is its dynamic nature. The Internet and capabilities is changing daily. I update the content before each seminar. However there are ideas such as Website content that are created in the class environment. The latest ideas are posted here for the students generally within one week of the last course.

Website Idea list AMI Palm Springs May 1-2, 1999

What are TSB’s
Tow phone and link
How to communicate to shop
Diagnostic cklist
Help wanted
Appt e mail
Womens clinics
Specialty car insurance
Customer to customer
Send to friend
Gift Certificate
Url on key fob
Environmental info
Holiday hi
Wellness ckups
Virtual facility tour
Disability services
Warranty info
Personalized mouse pads
Process description, answers questions such as why so long? Why so much?
Tech tips
Advertise promotional items, t shirts, license frames
Mission statement
Out of state referrals
Legislation info
B day cards

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